Property manager

Register, modify or terminate your activity as a property manager online

Start, modify or stop property manager

Professional card

If you are not a citizen of an EEA Member State but would like to become self-employed in Belgium, apply for a professional card online.

Apply for a professional card

Fairground activities permit

If you are planning on operating a fairground attraction, then you need a permit

Manage your permits

Itinerant trading permit

If you would like to sell products or services at events, public markets or door-to-door, then you need an itinerant trader's card.

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Butcher's permit

If you want to run a butcher's shop in Brussels or Wallonia, then you need a permit.

Apply for a licence

Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC)

Does your company handle food? Then you need to apply to the FASFC for authorisation and/or accreditation.

FASFC accreditation

Alcohol permit

If you want to sell alcoholic beverages, then you need a permit.

Apply for a trader's permit